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 Post subject: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2012.10.21. 02:45 
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It will be interesting to see how this pans out.

MAPUTO - A former commander of anti-communist guerrillas in Mozambique's brutal civil war has established a bush camp with former fighters, who are demanding a “new political order” for the country, his party told AFP Friday.

Twenty years after agreeing to lay down arms as part of a peace agreement with his Marxist Frelimo rivals, Renamo leader Afonso Dhlakama has decamped to the foothills of a remote mountain range, allies said.

The camp - thought to house 800 men, some armed - is close to the site of a base which Renamo, backed by white-ruled South Africa, used to fight a bloody 16-year conflict against Frelimo, former rebels against Portuguese colonialism who took over the country on independence in 1974.

“We want a new political order in Mozambique. We have already tried dialogue with Frelimo but they don't take it seriously,” Renamo MP Ivone Soares told AFP in the capital Maputo.

Only Dhlakama's personal guard, thought to number around 300, are armed, Soares told AFP.

“We don't want to go back to war. We want Frelimo to give us equal opportunities.”

“We have the right to protect ourselves,” she said. However, she added. “Our people don't need bazookas. They are prepared to use their own teeth if they are attacked.”

Since the signing of the Rome Peace Accord in 1992, ending a war in which more than million people died, Renamo became the country's main opposition.

The party holds 51 out of 250 parliamentary seats, but says it has been left in the cold.

Renamo accuses Frelimo leaders of keeping the spoils of the country's new-found mineral wealth for itself.

“Frelimo has cells in every area who watch who supports the opposition and, if you do, you get excluded,” Soares complained. “Megaprojects only benefit Frelimo leader and members.”

Until two days ago, Dhlakhama had based himself in the northern city of Nampula.

Police raided a makeshift camp around his headquarters in March, killing two people - the first exchange of fire since the civil war ended.

Despite a meeting between Dhlakama and his Frelimo rival, President Armando Guebuza, after the raid, Renamo says its retreat to the bush is retaliation.

“Frelimo started a war when they attacked us in Nampula. We did not respond. President Dhlakhama was patient. We have had 20 years of humiliation in the name of the peace accord. Our position has changed, we want different rules,” Soares told AFP.

“We are always ready to talk. We want peace but we cannot accept a sick democracy,” Soares said adding Dhlakama and his men would remain in the bush for an “indeterminate period of time.” - Sapa-A ... -camp.html

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 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2012.10.21. 07:10 
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Where do I donate? :lol:

 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2012.10.21. 09:10 
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Renamo - frilimo
Zanu - zipra/zanla
Anc - ifp
Anc - ancyl
Hutu - tutsi
Ma_boy - mukiwa

Seems there will always be an issue, the trend is developing that since they have chased out the white man they will turn on each other. Let's see what the next chapter in the southern african story reviels.

Pamwe chete


 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2012.10.21. 11:29 

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well seeing how they want democracy in africa and have sod all the "west" wants.... i'd say good luck but they are already screwed as no black govennment will support a faction wanting "democracy".... none i can think of anyway...

 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2012.10.23. 15:16 
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This will be entertaining im sure....

 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2012.12.01. 03:49 
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Things seem to be getting hotter on the eastern border with Mozambique.


Friday, 30 November 2012 10:55

HARARE - Zimbabwe this week increased military presence along its 1 231km
border with Mozambique to monitor the threat of armed conflict across the

This follows the danger posed by renegade Mozambican politician Afonso
Dhlakama, who has taken a rag-tag army of followers to Gorongosa threatening

Zimbabwe’s move is likely influenced by Dhlakama’s heinous crimes against
Zimbabwean citizens, particularly those in Manicaland Province when he waged
a brutal civil war against the legitimate Mozambican government in the

Sources told the Daily News that the first batch of forces was moved to the
border lines this week.
Zim deploys troops on Moza border.

Other soldiers have been placed on high alert.

The troops were deployed to prevent the violence feared in Mozambique from
spilling over into Zimbabwe as happened before.

Since the threat by rebel-turned-opposition-leader Dhlakama to destabilise
Mozambique, Zimbabwe’s Marange diamond fields, 400km east of Harare, have
also been seen as a potential flashpoint for conflict.

There are fears by Zimbabwean officials that Dhlakama could be used by
“hostile forces” to destabilise the rich diamond belt.

Zimbabwe is also interested in securing its 287km-long Feruka pipeline from
Beira in Mozambique to the oil refinery just outside Mutare.

Mozambique’s Companhiado Pipeline Mozambique-Zimbabwe, also known as CPMZ,
controls the rest.

Instability in Mozambique could scuttle a second fuel pipeline that Zimbabwe
was building from Savana, 50km north of Beira to Msasa.

The deployments came a week after a visit to Zimbabwe by a top Mozambican
military general, sources said.

Zimbabwe is gearing up for a tough fight to help Mozambique’s government
forces repel Dhlakama’s militants if asked to help, sources said.

The two countries have a history of military ties since Zimbabwe’s 1970s war
of independence when the late Mozambican president Samora Machel provided
support for guerrillas fighting Ian Smith’s racist regime.

There is a risk Mozambique could descend into chaos after Dhlakama and his
Renamo soldiers threatened to topple the ruling administration, and seize
the country if President Armando Guebuza’s administration does not revise a
1992 peace accord entered with the then president, Joaquim Chissano so as to
integrate more Renamo fighters in the armed forces and in other state

Dhlakama has decamped from his residence in the northern city of Nampula
with 700 former Renamo guerrillas to the central district of Gorongosa, near
his old guerrilla base at Casa Banana to spearhead a rebellion.

Dhlakama is referring to his new base as his “general staff headquarters”.

Security sources said Zimbabwe Defence Forces initially sent a signal to all
army barracks to be on “high alert” regarding Dhlakama’s move to Gorongosa,
prior to Tuesday’s deployment.

It was not immediately clear if Guebuza had made a formal request to
Zimbabwe for military assistance to help prepare for the potential

Defence forces spokesperson Colonel Overson Mugwisi declined to comment,
referring the Daily News to Alphious Makotore, the army spokesperson.

Makotore asked this paper to hand deliver written questions to the KG VI
army headquarters although it was too late to do so last night.

Defence minister Emerson Mnangagwa’s mobile was unreachable for comment at
the time of going to print.

Zimbabwe will need to seek a Sadc Troika mandate to send in troops into

Harare will have to clearly spell out the objectives of such an operation
and how it would be carried out.

Diplomats have privately expressed scepticism about Dhlakama’s threats to go
back to war.

Zimbabwe has in past intervened militarily in Mozambican conflicts, as well
as in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The conflict in Mozambique will exacerbate a deteriorating humanitarian and
security situation in the turbulent southern African region, where millions
are on the brink of starvation due to drought. - Gift Phiri, Politics Editor

There are none so blind as those that will not see.

 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2012.12.01. 07:11 

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So, nothing ever changes.

 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2013.03.11. 19:43 
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Was the extreme carnage a reflection of Black savagery? From what I've studied, I've concluded it was. Is that a 'no-brainer', on my part? Remember, as a Yank, I'm rather new to this. Thanks.

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 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2013.04.16. 00:42 
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RENAMO seen as a real threat to Zim's future. Note the importation of fuel through Mozambique.


2013-04-15 09:43

Harare – At least 100 Mozambican troops have graduated after completing
intensive training in Zimbabwe, amid reports that Mozambique is facing a
threat from former rebels, Renamo.

The Mozambican military troops graduated on Friday at the Zimbabwe Military
Academy in Gweru after receiving training at several military bases dotted
across the country.

The training course content included foot and arms drill, physical training,
section and platoon battle drills, battle procedure, low intensity
operations and conventional warfare.

Mozambique is faced with a threat from Renamo rebels who are training in
preparation for "war" after demanding a re-negotiation of the 1992 peace

Zimbabwe last week said it was closely monitoring the situation in
Mozambique following reports of growing signs of a civil war breaking out in
that country.

The Zimbabwe National Army Commander Lieutenant General Phillip Valerio
Sibanda who officiated at the graduation ceremony said the two countries
shared a strong military relationship that dated back to the days of "our
liberation" struggle and also during the Mozambican disturbances in the
early 1980s.

Strong bond

Zimbabwe deployed thousands of combat troops and heavy artillery to shore up
the Mozambican army during the armed conflict with Renamo.

The Commander of the Mozambican Navy Rear Admiral Lazaro Mienete thanked
Zimbabwe for training their officers and said efforts should be made to
continuously hold joint military training programmes.

"The officers you have trained and are graduating today have an important
role to play back home," he said.

"We share a strong bond with Zimbabwe and this relationship dates back to
the days of Zimbabwe's liberation struggle and Mozambican disturbances in
the 1980s."

Dormant since October 1992 when the government and Renamo signed a truce,
the animosities were rekindled last week when attacks on police and
civilians resurfaced in central Sofala province.

An escalation of violence in Mozambique would have a serious domino effect
on Zimbabwe's shaky economy.

The landlocked country is currently importing 90% of its fuel requirements
through Mozambique via the 287km Beira-Feruka oil pipeline. - CAJ News

There are none so blind as those that will not see.

 Post subject: Re: Renamo leader heads into the bush again.
PostPosted: 2013.04.16. 02:32 
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just another war just another day

I'll have my guns and my rights and you can keep the change.

The best security is a well informed, Well armed populus.

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